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Friday, April 23, 2004

Update on attempted abduction:

This morning, we spoke with Noris Friedman, Collegium Chair, of the Waldorf School of Baltimore. According to Noris, there are several inaccuracies in the newspaper reports of the incident.

According to Ms. Friedman, the incident happened at approximately 5:45, not 6:45. The girl, who is a student at the Waldorf School of Baltimore, was not under the care of the school at the time.

The girl's babysitter was watching the 8-year old and her sibling when the sibling needed to go to the bathroom. The babysitter left the 8-year old with the rest of the children in the after-school program, and escorted the other child to the bathroom. There were three teachers supervising the after-school play.

A ball was kicked across the field, and the 8-year old went to retrieve it. A person ran out from behind some bushes and grabbed the child. The teacher immediately ran after the suspect, scaring off the abductor, and retrieved the child. "It happened in a flash," Friedman said.

Contrary to newspaper accounts, the child was never missing for "a few minutes," and there was never a need to go "into the woods to look for her." According to Friedman, the newspaper accounts got the story "totally wrong."

Friedman says this incident was highly unusual. The school held a special meeting with all teachers to discuss the incident. Police are watching the area, and the school is stepping up supervision while the attacker remains at large.

Talk about it! Does Waldorf provide sufficient supervision for young students?

posted by John 9:56 AM

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